By Amanda Eschelbach, DMD
March 04, 2016
Category: General Dentistry
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Find out how our in-office whitening system is often the best way to go.

A healthy smile says so much about you. But if you are dealing with unsightly stains it may not be giving the impression you want. If you are ready to wow those around you with a radiant and sparkling smile then it’s time to consider getting professional teeth whitening fromTeeth Whitening your Nicholasville dentist Dr. Amanda Eschelbach.

How much whiter you wish to get your smile is connected to the type of whitening procedure you choose, so it’s important to know the options you have. Even though you can still opt for drugstore whitening kits and toothpastes, choosing professional whitening from your Nicholasville cosmetic dentist is still one of the best options you have. Here are some benefits to getting teeth whitening from us:

  • Because we are properly trained to use our whitening system it is safer than trying to whiten your smile yourself with commercial products. Bleaching gels can irritate gums but we can make it easier to protect these sensitive tissues from strong whiteners, which may be harder for you to do at home.
  • We supervise your entire whitening session so you’ll get an evenly whiter smile and an easy, comfortable session.
  • If you have teeth sensitivity whitening products could make this worse. Fortunately, we can work with a patient’s specific needs to get them the smile they want without all the sensitivity issues.
  • You can achieve a significantly brighter smile in under an hour with in-office whitening.
  • Results are more visible and last longer (up to two hours) as compared to over-the-counter products.

Give your smile the cosmetic dentistry it deserves to really make it shine. You deserve it and so does your smile! You’ll be happy you did. Professional teeth whitening can even get some smiles up to eight shades whiter in just one visit. So what are you waiting for? Call our Nicholasville dental office today to find out if you’re the ideal candidate for whitening.


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